Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day +1

So Day 1. I get my things into my room and brush my teeth after almost an entire day of travel including an 8 hour layover in Miami. I can’t sleep on planes, so I’m pretty tired. Everyone is meeting for church at Tom & Kathy’s, my host’s, living room. The first thing I hear from Tom before everything begins is that at this service, there isn’t a plan. People do whatever the Holy Spirit leads them to do and just because someone is playing the songs, doesn’t mean that they’re the one leading. The songs, like everything else, are completely impromptu. Tom, in short, said a word about Michael Jackson and how people like him, who have many things, are not happy. They don’t know who they are anymore and they become who their fans want them to be and they desperately need Jesus. Keep in mind that he did not plan this. I asked him about it later and he said that he usually writes down what he said after church as opposed to before. Funny and miles away from what i’m used to. He believes that this is how the church was within the 100 years after Jesus was resurrected, before man corrupted it. No one gave lectures or led worship. People met and the Holy Spirit did the talking.

After this is when I met the group from Ohio and the rest of the family living in the “compound.” Tom and Kathy have been here since ’88 and have 4 kids. Three of them, with their families, live literally it a 100 ft radius. I recognized the Ohio group from a DTS that my dad made me attend.

We played a game called ‘kick-the-can.’ for lack of the portuguese name. Basically it’s soccer except everyone has a 2-liter filled with water, which they’re trying to protect. The goal is to knock everyone else’s over (3 times and you’re out). Alliances and teams can be implemented. This is important because i have played this game everyday since i’ve been here and also i am bringing it back to the States with me.

Finally i got to shower then i’m off to another church service, IBC (Igresia Baptista Central (Central Baptist Church)). This was in a building. The worship was amazing. Songs lasted sometimes for 15 minutes. The drummer never held back. The guitarist was using a giant food pedal system and an eboe. I would hear crazy guitar solos but they were not distracting in the least bit. People danced and shouted with their arms raised. Very baptist. The sermon lasted for an hour, which seemed like an eternity, but i still enjoyed it. In its entirety, the service lasted maybe two and a half hours.

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