Monday, July 27, 2009

Overview of week 1 w/ group from ohio

Cool shot from Ouro Preto
This is Melissa & Sagares' floor finished
Shayla & Steven at a restaurant. Steven will be here with me until September.
Caleb. Cutest kid ever.
Igor and Ryan

After a short 30 minute devotional each day, the next three days involved taking countless wheelbarrows full of rocks and sand up a giant hill to the place where Wellington is building his own house. We did the same thing with Melissa and Sagares’ garage except we mixed the concrete and laid it down for their floor as well.

We took a day to visit Ouro Preto (Black Gold), and old town colonized by the Portuguese. All the old architecture and history fascinated me. They wouldn’t allow camera’s inside the museums unfortunately. Also there is a market where artisans sell anything from chess sets to jewelery boxes to 2 foot long lions all made from soap stone, a very maleable type of stone.

Saturday, the last day the team was here, we put on a street fair for kids. For four hours everything from a trampoline, a ball pitt, cotton candy, face painting, soccer, volleyball, and arts & crafts were available. Later there was a very intricate skit that the team put on and all the childrens were captivated by it.

Some things God put on my heart through the week: The irony that in order to be a leader for Christ, we must become the servants. The typical leadership skills that we learn from the kingdom of man are flawed. Teach by example. If you only use words, you are a hypocrite. Missions will be a lifelong passion of mine, but i’m only here to help and encourage those who are here permanently. It is pointless to go somewhere and love people for two weeks and then leave to never see them again. Real loving relationships happen with consistency, an everyday effort with one person. People are not saved in a day nor can they feel loved by someone speaking to the thousands; it takes years of relationship. We may have planted a seed but after people go back to their homes, life goes on. Missions are great and they bless the permanent ministry but it is more important to be in constant ministry and relationships at home.

This was just a short overview of week one.

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