Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Soccer Game

I went to a soccer game. Atlético x Sâo Paulo. My first reaction was this: Americans are awful sports fans and especially awful soccer fans. A flood of cars and people pour into the parking lot. We’re late, and every radio is tuned to the same radio station. Atlético scores and my ears rang with the sound of honking and screaming. I could go on and be all descriptive so everyone could essentially have the experience without being here but i’m too lazy. Facts. The game cost 2 heis (1 u.s. dollar) but this was no lame soccer game. This is Belo’s team against sao paulo’s team. sao paulo having a population of 21 million (the 3rd largest city in the world) and belo having a population of about 6 million. We had to buy scalped tickets because they had no more at the box office. I was felt up by security for weapons before i was allowed into the miniheiro stadium full of 54,000 fans, all wearing black and white (atletico’s colors). Where we were there were no seats. everyone stood. The noise was deafening. Someone would start singing a chant and before i knew it, the entire side of the stadium was singing as one. These were not wimpy chants either, but long drawn out songs calling the other team ‘fags.’ Not only would they sing, but they would jump and dance. Sometimes someone would take a firecracker out of their shoe and toss it in the middle of the crowd. I looked up to see the ‘galo cura’ section waving roman candles and giant flags. This is where the atletico gang is and their sole purpose is to find people supporting the other team and beat them and maybe rip their jersey. When they’re not fighting others or each other, they freely pass a joint around. When you watch the World Cup on TV, you don’t see anything but the field. But directly outside the field there are 12 military officers with dogs making sure no one runs onto the field. Directly in front of me there are officers with helmets and night sticks. The game is over before i know it. Half the time i was watching and the other half i was trying to move up to get a better view. Atletico wins 2-0.

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  1. Hi ethan !Here am I ,Rachel.
    Very good your post, except the fact of being about atlético!
    I say this because I wring to Cruzeiro!
    N', of course, cruzeiro is the best !
    You have to go in a Cruzeiro's game with me !
    I sure that you will like so much !
    Ps:.'bichogrilo' is my blog !