Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday july 12, 2009

Today was not my day. i wasn’t paying attention and accidentally let murphy, the dog, out... twice. He came back both times pretty quickly, thank you God. Then everyone decided to walk through the forest to get to the waterfall. Stephen gave me his camera to film him swinging on a vine. I was going through the photos to delete some and accidentally deleted all of his photos. I felt awful and wretched, but Stephen did something i did not expect. He just shrugged it off and told me to forget about it. “Thats what Jesus would have done,” he said to me. I feel like i have to make it up to him somehow but i’m not even good at that. I know he was sincere because we haven’t talked about it since I couldn’t eat a meal without spilling something on myself, which, in itself, isn’t a big deal but still frustrating. Stephen is an awesome guy and i need to make an effort to get to know him better.

Sometimes i’m confused by this Brazilian culture. I mean that it’s just different than I’m used to. Everyone is so emotional. People cry almost everyday, whether it’s a goodbye to the team that was here for a week or whether it’s simple worship. Some will be into the moment or be moved my the holy spirit (sometimes it’s hard to discern between the two) that they start to shout and shake, and not only once. Repeatedly for 15 minutes this guy at IBC was shouting in a high pitched voice. At first i was very impressed at his ability to let go and let the spirit work, but after 7 minutes it turned to be very annoying and distracting to my own worship. Maybe it’s just how i operate. I experience God the best being alone. I can worship with people but rarely am i brought to tears. I kinda just like letting loose and using my body as worship to God by dancing. I operate in the quiet place.

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