Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AIR Conference (Alliance for Renewal Churches)

All the churches Tom Padley formed over the year in his ministry are a part of an organization called ARC, which Tom belongs to in the United States. It was four days full of praise, food, teaching, and meeting new people.

At dinner one day, a guy came up to me and said, in portuguese, that he had a vision that God has a plan for me to work with youth, especially young men. I seem to be able to relate to young people well, but this thought never occurred to me.

My portuguese improved tremendously on this trip as I was with people who knew no or only a little broken english. I was glad for this opportunity because I made many friends that i’ll keep in touch with.

It seems like everywhere I go, people cry and weep and pass out at worship service. It wasn’t until Sagares told me that many people use the Holy Spirit like a drug. It’s a way to feel good, then one can go back to their regular lives and not change a thing. I don’t car about getting a spiritual high. I just want to be changed. A working relationship is important to me. Whatever I do, I want it to be organic. Something I want to do or something I can’t control. Like the last day of the conference. I could understand the words to the music and the music was so celebratory of what God had done over the last three days that I couldn’t help but dance. Maybe that’s what the Holy Spirit feels like. I’d rather live like Jesus would than experience some supernatural feeling. I just want to be changed. Heaven will be unlike anything we could experience on earth in our small deceitful minds. So why not die to ourselves and our feelings now and focus on doing solely God’s work?

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  1. Sounds to me like you are maturing in your outlook. Very good thoughts here. If the guy who told you that he had a vision is correct about it, then you will see it yourself at some point. If not, don't worry about it. But really, who are you going to minister to .... young women? ;>)