Friday, August 14, 2009

I found the answer I was looking for

One of the biggest reasons i came to Brazil was to find out what i wanted to do with my life. I’m good at a lot of things but never felt passionate enough to decide which of my talents i would focus on for a career. I finally found it. I want to serve and live for Jesus Christ for the rest of my life. period. I don’t care what i’m good at or what my passions are. My rewards for my earthly passions wait for me in heaven, an insurmountable amount of times better than they would be here. I want to live directly for Him and he will show me what he wants me to do. I wanted to do certain things while i’m here in Brazil like get better at guitar, skateboarding, drawing, building relationships, leading music, etc. None of that matters anymore. I want to be with the Lord, nothing else. I was talking with James and he gave me this analogy. The Lord says “here is an ice cream cone. You can have this ice cream cone, or, if you wait, I’ll give you an ice cream factory in heaven. Not just any factory though, one with flavors that you haven’t dreamed of and you’ll like! It’s your choice.” Basically we can live to be a doctor or a professional sports player in this life, or we can live for Christ now and get so many more rewards in heaven.

Revival is coming here to Brazil unlike anything i’ve seen in the States. During worship people fall on the ground, shake, scream, weep. This is not fake either. It is written in the Bible that the Holy Spirit moves anytime 2 or more people meet in his name (Matthew 18:20). The difference here is that people don’t wait for God to do something. They are learning not to conjure feelings and be synthetic. God will move wherever you are. It says so in Psalm 139. When the Holy Spirit moves through his followers, he does something. The depth of that something depends on your heart. Receive God where you are and realize that you are broken and need him. Give God pleasure by seeing your heart broken for him, and he will make himself known to you. I realize that i’ve experienced this encounter from the Holy Spirit as well but only in tastes. Moments that you do something that I can’t control. We truly serve an organic God. Nothing is forced unless man tries to conjure something himself. This is why we can’t just play just songs at church for worship anymore. Songs are songs. The goal is to lead the congregation into a place where God can reveal himself and change in real ways. We don’t need to do anything except someone who wants to please Him. The Holy Spirit is the one working. Power Points take the organic nature of God away. God may do something different than we prepared for the week prior when we made the Power Point.

God doesn’t need music to make worship powerful. There is an interesting story that James told me about one time he was going to lead worship. Most everyone where he was going knew about him and wanted to hear him sing, but God told him not to play music. He told the crowd of hundreds of people to raise their hands and let the Holy Spirit minister to them. He left the crowd in silence while he prayed with his family. He came back out an hour later and everyone was on the floor, passed out. They didn’t need him to worship so he did it again the second night. On the third night he played music and everyone celebrated what God did on the days prior.

Instead of conjuring feelings by singing words we don’t mean, we need to ask ourselves why we don’t feel like singing and ask for the Lord to enter our hearts there. People shouldn’t sing if its not organic, not of the Lord. However, my heart has never been broken to this point yet so i won’t know how to lead others into this place. But i so desperately want people in the States to receive this kind of revelation and powerful movement from Jesus.

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