Saturday, August 1, 2009

tuesday july 21, 2009

well its been over 2 weeks now.

Once every three days about, I go to wellington’s place and help him mix concrete for his house. Wellington is, for lack of a better word, amazing guy. He manages to work a full time job as a security guard for a condominium, a place he would never be able to stay in, support a family, and build his own house and he only makes 700 reis a month (about 350 dollars). Though we can’t communicate really well we do have some simple conversations. I found out that it wasn’t until last month that he met his father, brother, and sister. Also he is hilarious and very light-hearted. I look forward to working with him more.

Reading the bible is more fun than i thought it would be. I purposely didn’t bring any other books except for this one just so i would be motivated to read it. I’m starting with the gospels, and yes, i’ve never read a gospel all the way through yet. i’m a pastor’s kid. pathetic i know. But jesus is flipping awesome. He took everything that the jew’s knew and turned it on its head. seeing it in a new light. He wasn’t tame either, insulting and countering the pharisees with logic is something i thought i would never find. I wish i could heal like he or the 12 disciples could. I prayed healing over Nelson before he left in the name of jesus, but to no avail. He’s been back in the states for a week and is still sick. i won’t let it discourage me though.

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