Monday, September 14, 2009

Miscellaneous Thoughts and Observations

This whole sheep idea is a little confusing to me. On one hand, being a sheep sounds awful. We are all the same. We follow the crowd though the leader may be so dull that he leads the entire group to their deaths. However on the other end, we are sheep of an eternal God that is good and would never lead us astray. We are humble sheep before the Lord, pastors too. I hate listening to authority, but every man must serve someone. I don’t think it to be an individual with choices that chooses to serve the one true God, who is the only God that can offer eternal life and truth.

I think it would be ignorant of us to limit our God and think that the most fabulous thing he has created is earth and humans. We have a creator God who has made galaxies and space an infinity. It bottles my mind to think that God arranged physics that way that he did. We humans think of gravity, for example, factually. Gravity has always been, is, and will always be. Whenever we have mass, there is gravity. But the reality is, god invented gravity. He invented how light works. How the frequencies of light change so that our eyes can only see a certain spectrum of light. In heaven, physics is meaningless. Who knows how heaven’s physics are? They are no longer facts but mere concepts that can be distorted at God’s will. How will light work? is there light, or something completely new?

I discovered something interesting about being children before God. Children have a certain ability to see the truth that adults have lost. Children know when they are being lied to. They have a sixth-sense that tells them when something isn’t genuine. To be children is also to have this mindset, to see things as they are. What you see is what you get. In this way they are extremely perceptive. It should be easy for us to decipher between good and evil, between what is just a rule an what is truth, what is of the Pharisees or what is of Jesus. I just asked Ryan, a two-year-old, if the villan in the cartoon is bad. He nods his head without hesitation.

Thinking about God giving his only son to save humanity seems so much more profound when you see it from God’s perspective. He’s giving something so dear to him for a species he doesn’t need. God didn’t need to make us; he was perfect before he formed us from the dust. Receiving no benefit whatsoever, He gave his only son so that we might be saved.

Steve helped me realize something interesting about Jesus’ humor. When the woman begs him to heal her daughter, he says something to the effect of, “The children must be fed before the dogs.” In this metaphor, the Hebrews are the children and she is the dogs. If we take what Jesus says sarcastically, he is annoyed with the Hebrews because they have rejected him. The woman understands and counters with, “But even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the table.” Because of her understanding and wit, Jesus heals her daughter.

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  1. I love pie.
    And I love hearing your musings on faith and life. Very proud of you, Ethan. You are doing well!
    But your comments about college are somewhat naive. Of course, some people end college worse than they began in a a spiritual sense. They continue to wander. Some are introduced to Jesus there, however, and their lives start becoming a mission to serve Him. And the ones who require a college education in order to do their jobs – teachers, engineers, business majors, nurses, medical technicians, para-legals, graphic designers, etc., will apply what they have learned immediately upon leaving. Just because they may change jobs in the future does not negate their education. Then there are those people who require graduate school to do what they will ultimately do ... like most of your aunts and uncles. And probably, hopefully you.