Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Observations while reading the Bible

I think anyone who knows the Bible’s stories finds the common theme that God’s followers are extremely dull & flaky. We read about the Israelites complaining to God after he rescued them from the hands of the Egyptians, David writing psalms of praise then turning and rebuking God, Peter denying Christ three times, and countless other stories and we think, “I wouldn’t do that, I would be smarter and more faithful.” But the more I read about this, the more I find this complaining unfaithful quality in myself. I am indifferent towards him, then I praise, then I yell at him for not giving me a clear sign when my entire life is a testimony to his greatness. I look at baby Kyle. He has just become competent enough to realize when he is being yelled at, when he is doing something he should not. He turns and looks toward his parents when his name is called, but then goes right back to what he was doing before. This sequence of events repeats. We are like Kyle and so were the Israelites, David, & Peter.

Sometimes I think to myself, “Why did Adam & Eve have to eat from the tree of knowledge, I wouldn’t have done that.” When the truth is that I know I would have. I would have screwed over all of humanity for the chance to find out what was really going on; find out if there is some greater truth than anything I have ever known. I do it today! Time after time I convince myself that God cannot be real. There is nothing he has done to convince me that he is real.

And many times, on the other end of the spectrum, I convince myself that there is nothing greater that what I know. I become satisfied. I realize now that I missed out so much on being a kid and exploring. Except I became contented with my video games or some of the other things I found “truth” or satisfaction in. Sometimes I feel content with my relationship with God. The gold that I have settled with is enough for me, though there is an entire city made of gold that awaits just a little deeper. There is no limit to God’s love and understanding. If we don’t consistently dig deeper, we become dead. Churches become dead. People who don’t believe in Christ become contented as well in the things of the earth whether it be drugs, their relationship with their girlfriend/boyfriend, porn, etc. when life is much deeper. Just as God has no limit that we can know here on this earth, people as well have no limit as we are created in his image. People forget this and their relationships and marriages become stagnant. But we are children of a limitless God! So there is a kind of contradiction in being satisfied in Christ, yet never being satisfied with how much you know him.

OH. and I realized that the book of Mark is just the Cliff Notes for the rest of the gospels.

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