Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is the end?

All in all, Brazil has been one of the best experiences in my life so far. Just because I took this step in faith, God has honored it and has spoken and intervened. Distractions, mistakes, and sin have been with me as well as righteousness, success, and joy. I have gone through several conversions in my faith. I found out the importance, the wisdom, and the life that comes through the study of the Bible. God has shown his love in such a real way that he is no longer just a concept to me, but a real being that I need to know better. Becoming honest with my feelings about the heavenly being and his feelings for me allows him to speak to me exactly where I am, not where I pretend to be. I have realized the difference between the kingdom of man and the kingdom of heaven and each of their “benefits” and “drawbacks.” My focus has completely shifted toward becoming worthy of the kingdom of heaven, the eternal kingdom. Clarity about my skills, passions, and who I am has come like a refreshing breeze in the Amazon. Although all these things have come to pass, I know that my mission was not for Brazil, but to prepare for myself for my next step and to bless some people along the way. Though this journey is ending, another begins and it is in my hometown.

P.S. Concerning the first post statement about my death, I’ve realized that I have died here in Brazil. Died to myself, the world, and for the sake of others because of the presence of Jesus Christ in my life. Though living physically (and generally healthily at that), I am no longer a prisoner to the law, human nature, id, and even death; however, the only way to achieve this was to take up my cross alongside my saviour.

I have just spent a week in Ft. Meyers, Florida with my grandparents. My arrival here was almost as amazing as my predicament before going to Macapá. We had a wonderful time as they heard about my trip, I learned about their lives, and as we had fellowship together.


If anyone is interested I am more than happy to share adventures that occur in my life as well as revelations and insight which the Lord gives me. It has been interesting already having to deal with American culture, speaking english once again, and spiritual issues in the States. I'm sure God is about to do some awesome things, so let me know if you're a reader and would like me to continue posting!!! Please! Comment because I will decide if I will continue based on your responses


  1. Ethan, you could blog until you are 100 years old, losing your mind and completely incoherent and I would still read it. Point being: don't stop blogging. Because, as we've already established, I quite enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Ethan, I have been following you journey in Brazil and have enjoyed and been encouraged by your thoughts. Watching you grow in faith and your relationship with Jesus has been a great experience. I hope you will continue to blog and to walk the journey that God lays out for you.

  3. Ethan I would love to continue to hear about how you further your experiences in the States.
    It would mean a great deal to me to continue to read your blogs.

    Please continue.